Sketching In Hardware

Toolkits ยป Microsoft .NET Gadgeteer

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Field Data
Price (sek)3000
Sizesmall to medium
Backgroundfrom Microsoft Research, powerful embedded kit built on .NET micro framework. has 3d models and live debugging capabilities. Was initially called DragonFly.
Ease of usemedium to very advanced
Documentationfrom Microsoft and partners, open source
Purposesprototyping in ID, IxD and engineering, bridge from bits to atoms
Flexibilitysmall connectors and specific protocols, breakout board available
Input vs Outputinput ~= output
Hardware vs Softwaremore software, but great advanced modules like touchscreens and cameras are supported
Strengths3d models of all parts, easy to integrate in ID processes, advanced libraries and capabilities
Weaknessesnew platform, relative high price