Sketching In Hardware

Toolkits ยป Maple

The Maple board consists of the essentials: a fast processor with lots of peripherals. At the center of Maple is a 72MHz ARM Cortex M3 chip, providing the increased computational power desired by more advanced users. In the past, ARM processors were notoriously unfriendly in non-professional environments due to proprietary tool chains and unfamiliar instruction sets.

Field Data
Price (sek)400
BackgroundLeafLabs is formed from MIT alumni and current students. Maple is their first board, featuring 32-bit ARM-based processor.
Ease of usemedium to advanced
Documentationrelatively complete from the manufacturer.
Purposesease 32-bit microcontroller development. provides more power than regular Arduino-type hardware.
FlexibilityArduino-compatible. can use Maple IDE (similar to Arduino IDE), or a full unix toolchain (make, gcc, etc.) to program the board.
Input vs Outputmicrocontroller package, input ~= output
Hardware vs Softwaremore software than hardware
StrengthsArduino level or more C/C++ advanced via libMaple. powerful yet affordable. open hardware initiative. good documentation.
Weaknesseslimited availability, numerous pre-release versions.