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The LilyPad Arduino is a set of sewable electronic components that let you build your own soft, interactive fashion.

Field Data
Price (sek)500-1000
Sizesmall, textile oriented
BackgroundPhD project from Leah Buechley to make electronics less rigid and aesthetic pleasing.
Ease of usesimilar to Arduino, connectivity and programming more limited
Documentationpiggyback on Arduino
Purposesoriented for textile, portable and wearable projects
Flexibilitysimilar to Arduino, slightly more technical due to connectivity and portability
Input vs Outputsimilar to Arduino, but shields not available
Hardware vs Softwaresimilar to Arduino, software ~= hardware
Strengthsrefreshing form factor and aesthetics, doesn’t look like electronics, small form factor, low power use
Weaknesseslimited flexibility/compatibility compared to regular Arduino