Sketching In Hardware

Toolkits ยป Groove

The GROVE – Starter Kit of GROVE System is a modular, safe and easy to use group of items that allow you to minimise the effort required to get started with microcontroller-based experimentation and learning.

Field Data
Price (sek)500
Sizesmall to medium
Backgroundkit of parts built on top of Arduino
Ease of useeasy to medium
Documentationprovided by the manufacturer, augment and piggyback on Arduino
Purposeseasier use of components and parts with Arduino
Flexibilitypossible, but small connectors and specific protocols
Input vs Outputinput ~= output
Hardware vs Softwaresoftware ~= hardware
Strengthsno soldering required, cheap and numerous modules available
Weaknessesone supplier in China, versions changes vs compatibility, limited availability