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Toolkits ยป Basic Stamp

A BASIC Stamp is a single-board computer that runs the Parallax PBASIC language interpreter in its microcontroller. The developer’s code is stored in an EEPROM, which can also be used for data storage. The PBASIC language has easy-to-use commands for basic I/O, like turning devices on or off, interfacing with sensors, etc. More advanced commands let the BASIC Stamp module interface with other integrated circuits, communicate with each other, and operate in networks. The BASIC Stamp microcontroller has prospered in hobby, lower-volume engineering projects and education due to ease of use and a wide support base of free application resources.

Field Data
Price (sek)500-1000
Sizesmall to medium
Backgroundfrom Parallax, one of the oldest electronic toolkit around
Ease of useeasy to advanced
Documentationgood documentation from parallax, established community
Purposesgeneral prototyping and electronic platform, bridge from bits to atoms
Flexibilityhigh, no pre-made modules, large offering of models for different needs and capabilities
Input vs Outputmicrocontroller package,
generic I/Os
Hardware vs Softwaremore software than hardware
Strengthslong history, large selection of models and purposes, excellent documentation and support from Parallax
Weaknessesrelies on Basic (programming language), microcontrollers can be expensive