Sketching In Hardware

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What is Sketching In Hardware?

Sketching in Hardware denotes activities and/or an attitude to sketch with technological bits and pieces in a very explorative and open way. It is similar to sketching with pen and paper, or sketching in code, but Sketching in Hardware focuses on electronics and interactive tangible elements, the hardware parts. Sketching in Hardware is tightly related to terms like Physical Computing, Interaction Design, Prototyping, Hacking, Tangible User Interface, Experience Prototyping, Maker and DIY movement, etc. The sketching aspect is crucial as most of the work is intentionally not a perfected solution, but a process of discovery and learning, leading to an unfinished and ought-to-evolve project.

Sketching vs Prototyping

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Academic articles and publications

Lars Erik Holmquist. 2006. Sketching in hardware. interactions 13, 1 (January 2006), 47-60. DOI=10.1145/1109069.1109101

Moussette, C. & Dore, F. 2010. Sketching in Hardware and Building Interaction Design: Tools, Toolkits and an Attitude for Interaction Designers, In Proceedings of Design Research Society, Montreal (Canada), PDF

Sketching In Hardware Conference series

Sketching is a series of yearly events to discuss tools for physical computing prototyping: how to make them, how to make them better, how to use them, and how to teach with them. It is organized by Mike Kuniavsky.

Sketching 2012 Portland
Sketching 2011 Philadelphia
Sketching 2010 Los Angeles
Sketching 2009 London
Sketching 2008 Providence
Sketching 2007 San Francisco
Sketching 2006 Dearborn

Various links, courses and other resources

Sketching interaction design, Jonas Löwgren, teaching materials + presentations, link

Sketching in Hardware workshop series at Media Informatics and Human-Machine-Interaction program, University of Munich, link

Sketching in Hardware is Changing Your Life, Fabricio dore, Core77 article, link

Physical Computing Hardware Toolkits reviewed by Jan Borchers, professor at RWTH Aachen University, Germany, link