Sketching In Hardware

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2012 Toolkits Review in the work

This is the revival of my 2008 toolkits review from I am now revisiting the old toolkits and adding new ones. So far I have ~30 toolkits being revised and dissected. What you see on this website is very sketchy as I am using this review to dig into WordPress as a CMS platform. I’m writing a custom theme, a few plugins and widgets to present the toolkits. I hope to have a good selection of diagrams, charts and visuals dynamically generated via javascript and the canvas tag eventually.

During the coming weeks, I will add numerous photos and videos of the toolkits in use. I am planning to record a Hello World sequence for each toolkit, to start from nothing, unpacking, installing the software and using an analog sensor to blink a LED. I’ll need a few more weeks to cut and edit the videos.

If you are interested in the this toolkits review, don’t hesitate to contact me. I would be very happy to hear any feedback or discover new kits I am not aware of.

Camille Moussette
PhD student and teacher
UmeƄ Institute of Design
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